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Least of all, me.That's not true. You do care. You know how you've suffered all these years. You've tried living with the nightmares and the memories.

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You know how hard it is so you know what your fellow vets are going through.That's exactly why I won't do it. They want to forget that stinking war ever happened. The American public wants to forget it and so do I! Why can't you get that through your head?Noah threw Cissie's hand off his and marched away, r leaving her several steps behind.
They no longer had to bully me or trick me or goad me into carrying out some task so I could learn, because I now knew. I could con the ship and chart the course. I could set the tanks to load and discharge. I knew the work that needed to be done to maintain the routine progress of life on a ship, and I knew how to do all the work myself. I knew how to organise and arrange things; I knew how to get things done.

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