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Map of Ghasri on From the outset of the proceedings, the prosecution and the defense approached the case from fundamentally different perspectives. Marcia Clark and co-counsel Christopher Darden viewed O.J.’s murder of Nicole Brown Simpson as the tragic conclusion of an ongoing drama of domes – tic violence. Ron Goldman, the Good Samaritan, just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Johnnie Cochran, confronted by an avalanche of incriminating forensic evidence that on its surface strongly suggested his client was guilty, posited a vast police conspiracy having at its center Mark Fuhrman, a detective with a shaky past who (at this early date) was most likely a racist like many of his fellow-officers on the LAPD. Simpson, although he routinely invited police over to his home and never evinced much interest in black causes or in having black friends, was now presented as the victim of a police frameup because he was an African American. Map of Ghasri 2016.

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