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Map of General Escobedo on Under the terms of the contract, the Teddy Bears divided one cent between them for every copy sold with Spector earning slightly more as the songwriter and copyright holder. In the cramped Gold Star studio Spector was in his element alternately arranging material, placing microphone stands, and explaining to Lieb and Kleinbard exactly the sound he wanted. Originally intended as a Bside to Don’t You Worry Little Pet, Spector’s composition To Know Him Is to Love Him was cut in one hour for $100 in mid?July 1958. Unknown to his group-mates in the Teddy Bears the song was inspired by the epitaph on his father’s tombstone. By the final week of September 1958, the song was stuck at Number 88 on the Billboard chart until Lew Bedell, owner of Era Records, called his friend Dick Clark, the former Philadelphia disc jockey turned popular host of the teen dance television show, American Bandstand. Regularly played by Clark on the show, To Know Him Is to Love Him shot up the charts reaching Number 4 in late October 1958. On November 22, 1958, the Teddy Bears performed their hit single on American Bandstand launching the tune to the top of the chart, a spot it would occupy for three weeks. Map of General Escobedo 2016.

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