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Map of Galong on There is no reason to accept such risks, and individual investors need to understand the issue of liquidity before becoming interested in such trading time periods. Some day, we may have 24-hour trading, but for right now, obligatory issues by market participants present an unsafe and highly dangerous environment by which to trade. Newer traders should avoid preand after-market trading altogether and stick to stocks with predictable momentum and readability, using the defined methods previously stated in this book and in this chapter. 188 Trading on Momentum 11C H A P T E R IDENTIFYING TRADING OPPORTUNITIES Each day the market offers thousands of trading opportunities with each up-tick and down-tick of individual stocks. The traders’ main goal is to capitalize on the expected future of those up-ticks and down-ticks, knowing when to enter and, more importantly, when to exit. There have been thousands of systems by which one tries to trade these expectations, and I have described a few of my methods in previous chapters that I use to capitalize on these price moves. However, the simple mechanical approach to trading this system will more than likely result in failure if you are unable to understand how to apply external variables, such as the execution risk, the ability to see the trade correctly, and, most importantly, to automate the decision-making process to overcome hesitation. Map of Galong 2016.

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