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Map of Galisbay on Vicious was arrested and held pending charges, but released days later after Malcolm McLaren persuaded Virgin Records to put up $50,000 bail. Depressed over Spungen’s death and perhaps attempting to make good on their death pact, Vicious half-heartedly attempted suicide at the Seville Hotel on October 22, 1978, by using a razor blade and a broken light bulb to slash his wrist. The cuts were minor and while Vicious did not require medical attention, he was admitted into the psychiatric ward of Bellevue Hospital for a two week period of observation. In November 1978, the bassist pleaded innocent to an indictment charging him with murder and depraved indifference to human life in the death of Nancy Spungen. Many friends believed Vicious when he insisted he had not killed Spungen and they offered alternative theories as to who did. The most popular (and one that Malcolm McLaren hired a team of private investigators to pursue) posited an angry young drug dealer who had killed her in a deal gone wrong. This view was lended credence by the fact that a large sum of money known to have been in Room 100 was missing after her body was discovered. Map of Galisbay 2016.

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