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Map of Fukuoka Tourist on Brando, unlike Blake who felt he had been duped, was unconcerned about the forthcoming child. Bakley named the female infant Christian Shannon Brando when she was born on June 2, 2000. Robert Blake demanded she take a DNA test and when results confirmed the infant was his decided to do the right thing and married Bakley. Nevertheless, the actor was openly resentful of the woman he felt had used the innocent child to trap him. The marriage lasted until the evening of May 4, 2001 when Bakley, out for dinner with husband Blake, was shot to death outside of an Italian restaurant in Brando 46 the Studio City section of Los Angeles. Blake was arrested and charged with the murder and his defense team used the nearly 31/2 years prior to the case going to trial on December 20, 2004 to find an alternative theory of the crime that did not make their now 71-year-old client look so incredibly guilty. Bakley routinely (and illegally) audiotaped and cataloged her telephone conversations without the knowledge of Christian Brando and many others. Map of Fukuoka Tourist 2016.

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