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Map of Fortaleza Tourist on Interestingly, Cavlar frequently appeared on homemade underground beef videos in which rappers engaged in a particularly noxious variation of the dozens in which threats are rapped to beat, rob, and kill one another. Readily accessible on YouTube, one Cavlar video features the rapper and rival Uncle Murder in a heated exchange. Whether such viral showdowns factored into the father of three’s violent death on March 25, 2008, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is pure speculation. According to differing press reports, the 36-year-old Cavlar, a regular at Fish & Crustaceons Quality Seafood, left the restaurant around 5:00 P.M. eating a sandwich and was shot once in the chest as he walked to his parked car. Another account had the rapper engaged in a confrontation on the street with a gunman and two of his friends who all fled after the shooting. Map of Fortaleza Tourist 2016.

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