Map of Foetz

Map of Foetz on This not only empowers the individual to make his or her own trading decisions, it allows us access to applying our decisions to market participation in real time. The explosion of online trading is a by-product of the increased efficiency in data distribution and the personal desire for self-directed decision implementation. Many brokers are offering lower commissions and complete data packages to pull traditional investors and active traders away from high-priced brokers. Many commission rates are under $20 per trade and depending on the level of activity or size of one’s portfolio, the data package is free. What was once available to us only through our broker is now available to us with a few clicks of the mouse. At face value, we are on a more level playing field. Obviously, the public is still the last to know in some areas, but we certainly have more access to more information than ever before. Map of Foetz 2016.

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