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Map Of Fiore (世界 ãžãã Sekai Mappu)

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Although most married people find themselves asking the question is this all there is?’ at some point in their lives, they do not necessarily take any action either to improve or to end their marriage. Some of those who do may be driven to do so by the extremity of their circumstances. Many of the women we spoke to in Sheffield who had suffered in very violent marriages described how other

people had helped them to make up their mind about leaving. When they saw their suffering through someone else’s eyes, they realized they must make a decision. If they came into contact with people who could give them practical help and advice, this too helped to speed things up. The miseries of unhappy marriages, whether as obvious and extreme as persistent violence or as subtle and destructive as nagging and continuous rejection, tend to be endured in secret, so that talking to someone else about the problem is itself a significant step.

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