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This is an inflammation of the skin caused by an infection , of the sebaceous glands. The infection causes an excessive secretion which forms a crusty foul-smelling condition. It is easily diagnosed by the cheesy-like scabs on the body and the unmistakable odor. It is seen mostly in cocker spaniels and dachshunds. The animal itches, bites, and scratches. The thick crusty condition is relieved by medicated shampoos, cortisone, and certain types of antibiotics.


Skin tumors appear in malignant and benign forms. Any time there is a chronic ulcerated area of the skin that will not heal, a skin tumor should be suspected. The tumors are difficult to treat because they itch badly and the animal can’t leave them alone. A chronic skin ulcer that doesn’t respond to medication should be removed surgically, and a biopsy made for detection of malignancy. Skin tumors are seen especially on the legs, and as the dog will keep chewing and licking the infected area, it can quickly grow from pinpoint size. Great Danes are especially susceptible. Sometimes X-ray treatment is used. The area must be covered to keep the dog’s mouth and claws away from it.

General Information on Skin Disorders

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