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Map of fiji on The prefix gives with one hand what it takes away with the other. The American Heritage Dictionary defines apperception as 1) conscious perception with full awareness and 2) the process of understanding by which newly observed qualities of an object are related to past experience. This gives and takes at once, since the full awareness of the consciousness of another may be no more than the projection onto the face, speech, and behavior of the other of my past experience of myselt: in a dubious act of analogical thinking. Here is what Jacques Derrida, in a passage in an unpublished seminar on the phrase Je t’aime (1 love you) has to say about Husserl’s formula of analogical apperception of the other: This act of faith is required by love, just as for aIl witnessing, insofar as it is a question of what takes place or is experienced within someone, sorne Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Victorian Community 41 singular existence (ego or Dasein) there where the other cannot in any way have a direct, intuitive and original [originaire, access. The other will never be on my side and will never have an intuitive, original access, in person, to the phenomenality for which 1 am origin of the world. In order to describe this zone which rests at bottom that of the secret and of absolute singularity, that of what is absolutely proper to me and ofwhich 1 cannot expropriate myself: one of the best routes to follow would be that of the Fifth of Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations. Husserl recalls there what is at once an axiom and an absolute evidence, that is to say, that the ego which has a intuitive, immediate, and original phenomenological access, in person, to the present phenomenality of its own experiences and of aIl that is proper to it can never have access other than an indirect one, appresentative and analogical [apprsen ta tif ou analogique, to the experiences of the other, of the alter ego, which will never themselves, in person, appear to the ego, and ofwhich the constitution within me requires su ch embarrassing procedures for transcendental phenomenology . Map of fiji 2016.

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