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Map of europe by country on Quite often, I see traders who make huge one-time profits breaking rules, only to be CHAPTER 12 Rules of a Trader 213 down significantly shortly thereafter. My rules of trading have successfully preserved my profits through many market changes. GOLDEN RULE #3: STAY AWAY FROM ILLIQUID STOCKS Illiquid stocks generally have high spreads and move extremely fast on low volume. What goes up fast will go down faster. If you are on the wrong side of an illiquid trade, your losses can be excessive. My only exception is if I see a news story a few minutes before the market close, and I know the story was exceptional, I may be more prone for a buy and exit into strength in the after-market or pre-market the next day. Recently, a news story hit the wires on a low-volume stock and I advised a student to stay out. Map of europe by country 2016.

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