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ico City night spots. Sweaters come in handy. Men should take seersucker or linen jackets and suits. Wool suits for Mexico City, light topcoat, swimming trunks, raincoat, bathrobe, sports shirts and slacks. WHERE TO GO SIGHTSEEING: There is so much to see in Mexico that you have to take your choice unless you have a lot of time. Guides are available and the government requires all bona fide guides to be licensed. Don’t take chances; hire them through hotels or tourist bureaus. Mexico City: The museums are mentioned under arts. La Catedral on the Zocalo is the oldest church on the American continent; Chapultepec, a beautiful forest park with a castle on a hill, dates from pre-conquest times. It contains a zoo and a lake; there are band concerts, promenades and wide, shady walks. The Franciscan Monastery at Churubusco is worth a trip. There are many short one-day trips from Mexico City. Among them consider: Sanctuary of the Virgin in La Villa de Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico, accessible by trolley and bus; the Pyramids at San Juan Teotihuacan, and ruins of a sacred city. (This is about 30 miles from Mexico City.) Xochimilco floating gardens and flowery canals; beautiful church and monastery. City tour, including Chapultepec Castle, National Palace, museums and residential district, costs about $5 per person; Shrine of Guadalupe, Pyramids and Acolman Monastery tour costs about $6.50; one-day tour to Cuernavaca and Taxco, including lunch, costs about $13; two-day tour, including hotels and meals in Taxco, costs about $23 each. See also snow-covered Popocatepetl, an easy car trip through interesting Amecameca to the 13,000 foot level. Cuernavaca: 46 miles from Mexico City by a new super highway. A fashionable resort once favored by Cortes, Maximilian and Carlota. See Municipal Palace with Rivera murals donated by Dwight Morrow, Borda Gardens. There are pyramids, lakes, cathedrals, quaint streets, wonderful old houses, good shops. There are many good hotels, American Plan. Many have gardens, swimming pools, bars. Taxco: 101 miles from Mexico City. Beautiful, picturesque town, surrounded by hills. Several first-class hotels and bars. De La Borda, Victoria, Posada de la Mission and Rancho Telva (under Only an hour by plane from Mexico City is Acapulco, with magnificent views of the rugged Pacific coastline. These tourists are on the terrace of the Mir ado r Hotel. The Palacio de Bellas Artes contains the national theater and galleries of some of Mexico s best art. The Mexican Symphony Orchestra gives concerts here, too. You’ll be fascinated by the remarkably preserved ruins of ancient Mayan civilization, such as these at Chichen Itza near Merida, Mexico. Wells Fargo management), Los Arcos. Rates start at 150 pesos double, American Plan. Santa Prisca and Melendez start at about 125 pesos double, American Plan. Paco’s Bar and Berta’s are popular. Streets are cobbled, houses climb the streets on different levels, with overhanging balconies. This is the silver center. Sunday is Indian market (day and Mexican tinware abounds.

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