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Map of En on senile plaque a clump of beta-amyloid protein surrounded by degenerated dendrites that is particularly associated with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Increased concentration of senile plaques in the cerebral cortex of the brain is correlated with the severity of dementia. Also called amyloid plaque; neu-ritic plaque. sensate focus an approach to problems of sexual dysfunction in which people are trained to focus attention on their own natural, biological sensual cues and gradually achieve the freedom to enjoy sensory stimuli. The procedures involve prescribed body-massage exercises designed to give and receive pleasure, first not involving breasts and genitals, and then moving to these areas. This eliminates performance anxiety about arousal and allows the clients to relax and enjoy the sensual experience of body caressing without the need to achieve erection or orgasm. sensation n. Map of En 2016.

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