Map of El Choms

Map of El Choms on At trial in January 2000, Olsson and Axels – son were convicted of robbery and murder and sentenced to life in prison. Tried separately after a psychiatric evaluation ruled him mentally competent, Jackie Arkloev was found guilty of mur – der, attempted murder, armed robbery, and also given a life term. In June 2000, an appeals court upheld the sentences ruling that all three men were equally guilty of the killings even if it could not be determined who actually fired the fatal shots. Further Reading Nazi ?Terror’ Trial Shocks Sweden. The Observer, November 25, 1999, p. 25. Omer, Danielle (V) On the morning of June 28, 1999, Salt Lake City firemen responded to a blaze at the two-story home of popular local actress Danielle Omer at 4912 S. Map of El Choms 2016.

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