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Map of Egypt Tourist on The actor told her under no circumstances to have the child and ordered her to get an abortion. Blake realized he had been played by the grifter just like the thousands of other rubes she had burned in her mail order sex scam. The 67-year-old actor refused to accept Bakley’s calls and when the baby, a girl, was born on June 2, 2000, at the University of Arkansas Medical Service in Little Rock, she named her Christian Shannon Brando. Throughout the summer of 2000 Bakley maintained her pressure on Blake sending him photos of the child whose dark features were a mirror image of his own. Delinah, Blake’s adult daughter by his failed first marriage to actress Sondra Kerr, desperately wanted a child and this may have been a factor in the actor agreeing to take a DNA test in August 2000. The test confirmed Robert Blake was the father of Bonny Lee Bakley’s child. According to press reports, the actor agreed to do the right thing and planned to marry the woman. Map of Egypt Tourist 2016.

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