Map of Ecatepec

Map of Ecatepec on The hands and feet were sawn off the body to prevent identification and an unsuccessful attempt had been made at decapitation. Police theorized the murder (death due to multiple gunshot wounds to the head), had taken place elsewhere and the body dumped in the remote canyon. Remarkably, the victim’s identity remained a mystery for nearly a year until an anonymous phone tip to Tucson, Arizona, police in April 1981 linked the 45-yearold singer’s disappearance to the body. Positive identification was made through dental records. Patrick Cavanaugh, 43, the last known person to see Wilson alive, was closely questioned. The exmanager, in custody in San Diego awaiting trial on charges of masterminding a phony check fraud scheme, denied knowing anything about his friend’s disappearance or death. Cavanaugh was convicted of the check scheme in November 1981 and sentenced to nine years in prison. Map of Ecatepec 2016.

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