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Map of Ebeye on In 1971, the Accounting Principles Board (APB) underscored the importance of income as the primary measurement in its Opinion No. 19, and they were followed by a similar position taken by the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) in 1973. Certainly, there are other ways in which cash flows are useful in a capitalist system. Cash-flow ratios are used to measure performance factors within the firm.

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A cash flow-to-assets ratio assesses the ability of the assets on hand to generate operating cash flows, and a cash flows-to-sales ratio gauges how well sales are generating cash flows. Nevertheless, difficulties in presenting accurate cash flows are at hand in a time of market volatility. With the deceleration of financial markets in the early 2000s, arrival of RECESSION, and the focus on stock price levels, corporations have become more dependent on the immediate appearances presented by revenue and profit numbers because of the modern media's fixation on short-term presentations, as opposed to long-term prospects. Map of Ebeye 2016.

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