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Royal Greenwich

A succession of major events has been planned in 2012 to mark the 60th Anniversary of the reign of HM the Queen

The Royal Borough

The Letter Patent, formally confirming the granting of the status of Greenwich as a Royal Borough, was presented to Greenwich on 3 February 2012, with special events and fireworks on 4 and 5 February on Greenwich Riverside and in Eltham Town Centre. The new coat of arms of the Royal Borough of Greenwich was designed by the Royal College of Arms and is now displayed and used throughout the Borough.

The Re-opening of the Cutty Sark

The re-opening of the restored 19th century clipper Cutty Sark in the presence of HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh took place on 25 April 2012. Built in 1869 for £16,500, the restoration cost more than £50 million. Since the devastating fire in 2007, the midships have been rebuilt and the whole ship raised in its dry dock to provide new conference and exhibition spaces, and refreshment facilities for the public beneath the hull.

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The Royal River Exhibition

On 27 April a major exhibition titled Royal River: Power and Pageantry and the Thames will open in the new Sammy Ofer Wing of the National Maritime Museum, which in 2012 will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. HM the Queen, as Princess Elizabeth, attended the inaugural ceremony with her parents on 27 April 1937. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has been a Trustee and Patron of the Museum for the last 63 years. Highlights of the Exhibition (which will close on 9 September 2012) include 49 items from the Royal Collection, many on display for the first time; 250 items on loan from other museums and galleries round the world; and a display of major artworks by Canaletto. Visitors will be able to view the stern carvings of the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert III and Handel’s autographed score of the Music for the Royal Fireworks.

The Thames Royal Pageant

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Royal Pageant will be held on Sunday 3 June, with a procession of 1,000 boats, an anticipated 30,000 people afloat and close to a million spectators on the banks. The procession flotilla will stretch for seven miles and take an hour and a half to pass. The Queen’s Barge, the Spirit of Chartwell, a Pullman-like launch stripped of its masts and fitted out in red and gold to look like an 18th century Royal barge, will be accompanied by the Royal Row-Barge Gloriana, an 88ft gilded barge rowed by 18 oarsmen. Other vessels include three-master sail training vessels, a flotilla of Little Ships that took part in the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940, canal narrow-boats, various Dutch sailing barges, Essex oyster smacks, Chinese dragon boats, Australian surf and outrigger fishing boats from New Zealand and, it is rumoured, the Mayor of London in a Welsh coracle. Modelled on the pageants for Queen Ann Boleyn’s coronation in 1533, for King Charles II in 1662 and for King George I in 1716, music will be provided by bands and orchestras afloat and ashore, the pealing of bells by the City churches and fanfares of trumpeters on each of the bridges. The Queen will take the salute near Tower Bridge and many of the vessels will continue downriver to Greenwich. This spectacular exhibition is guest-curated by historian David Starkey and includes one of the largest-ever loans of

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