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Map of Dungog on How do l choose? l wish with all my heart l could believe in Williams’s classless communities, but l fear that real communities are more like the communities of self-destructive autoimmunity Derrida describes. Certainly, the United States these days, if you think of it as one immense community, is a better example of Derrida’s self-destructive autoimmune community than of Williams’s community of kindness and mutuality. Such Gemeinschaften may nevertheless still exist in small pockets here and there in the rural United States, though often with distressing ideological prejudices, racist or xenophobie ones. 11Ie new media, howeveriPhones, Facebook, the Internet, video games, e-mail, and the rest-are fast destroying those remnants, however problematic they are. The chapters that follow, in asking, as a basis for careful reading, whether this or that novel represents a true eommunity, presuppose this complex and often contradictory tradition of thinking about community. 1 advocate in the strongest terms what 1 call a double reading of novels. In one reading you give yourself, he art and sou!, without reservation, to reading the nove!. Map of Dungog 2016.

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