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ttlement of Three Rivers dates from 1634, when the Sieur de Laviolette, acting under instructions from Samuel de Champlain, founded the present city. A boulder in the Customs building grounds marks the site of the original fort built by Laviolette. The settlement grew fast, and many famous names in the exploration of French Canada belong to men who were born here: Groseillers, Raclisson, La Verendrye who explored as far W. as the Saskatchewan river, and many others. industry came in 1730, when the inhabitants began to use the local iron ore in their foundries to make such goods as nails, cooking pots, stoves and kettles, for the farmer-settlers in the surrounding country; the iron-works were to the N. of the town. A cairn at the junction of Trois Rivieres and Les Vieilles Forges rds. marks the site; the works, known as the St. Maurice Forges, were established by Poulin de Francheville. After the town had passed into British hands, in 1760, its life was disturbed by American invasions connected with the War of

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