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Map of Dongara on It educates our members to the value of stop losses and highlights the educational part CHAPTER 2 Getting Started 23 of trading. Trading the stock market is not as easy as some make it out to be, and showing only the gains and none of the losses tends to break the confidence of those watching and shatters their disciplined approach when they find they are not making the same phenomenal gains as everyone else is touting. To post real-time entries for yourself either in a forum or by yourself, simply write down the time you made the trade and at what price, and keep this journal handy. Some even have a trading buddy that they share these journal entries with so that they have accountability. EXPECTATIONS Many traders’ favorite question when they start is how much can they make? This question is very hard to answer because trading the market is very difficult and everybody’s abilities are not the same. Many have very steep learning curves and lack the knowledge or willingness to put the time in to educate themselves properly. They are looking for the cure for cancer, the easy way out. Map of Dongara 2016.

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