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d with 85 per cent in the early 1960s. The commercial banking system is most highly developed in the U.K., where a relatively small number of banks have a large number of branches throughout the country, enabling them to offer a countrywide service and to spread their risks widely while enjoying the benefits of large-scale organizations. In the U.S., and to a lesser extent in Western Europe, branch banking is less widespread. In the U.S. unit banking, where the bank’s operations are confined to a single office, is more common, although some banks have a limited number of local branches. The treasury, through the bank of England, has wide powers to control the activities of the commercial banks in the interest of national monetary policy. Until recently, competition between the commercial banks was mainly restricted to the services they offer, since overdraft and deposit rates were identical and bank charges very similar. The abandonment of ceilings on bank advances in favour of the new system of credit cont

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