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Map of Danzhimatou on Of course, detection by itself is not sufficient to prevent cheating. The cartel must also be able to punish its members who deviate from the cartel agreement. In an attempt to deter cheating virtually any punishment can be threatened. However, it is crucial that the threatened punishment is a credible punishment. For example, the cartel may announce that it detects cheating by a member, all other cartel members will cut their price below average cost, or increase output so that the resulting market price is below average cost, until the cheater is forced to leave the market. However, such a threat is not credible, since it would not be the best response once cheating has been detected. The problem here is that the punisher gets punished as well as the cheater, and given a choice the punisher would probably not go through with the punishment. Map of Danzhimatou 2016.

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