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Map of Dalian Tourist on These figures, however, do illustrate the amazing differences in bottom line between two traders doing the exact same thing, but who take a different approach to accounting. It is therefore highly recommended to start implementing the compounding factor into the trading volume as soon as possible when profitable across the board. Quite intriguing also is that compounding not only proves its merits on the positive side of the equation. It works equally well in protecting an account from full depletion. In fact, it is virtually impossible to blow up an account when strictly abiding by the rules of compounding. After all, on a shrinking account, each new week will be traded with less volume (but with the same percentage of capital risk per trade). For example, if we once again picture a trader with a $5,000 account, risking 2 percent per trade, and we now let this trader lose 2 . Map of Dalian Tourist 2016.

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