Map of Cunnamulla

Map of Cunnamulla on Bush with a petition signed by thousands seeking punishment for the youth. The petition drive was started after the Smiths learned the detainee had briefly returned to Dallas during a leave from the State School in Mexia. They also expressed concern that under Texas state law the youth will be released from the school with no chance of prosecution when he is 18 years old. Their petition helped create a law passed by the Texas legislature in 1995 allowing the state to prosecute people who avoided trials as juveniles because of mental disabilities, if they are later deemed competent to stand trial. In August 1997, the youth (identi – fied in the press as 18-year-old Cary Houston) failed to return from a furlough from the Mexia State School. Houston remained at-large for six months until January 1998 when his family brought him back to the facility after an award was offered for his capture. Remarkably, Houston, 22, was released from the state school in Decem – ber 2000 and returned to Dallas to live with his parents. Map of Cunnamulla 2016.

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