Map of Cudal

Map of Cudal on 1 note in passing that aIl the main characters are fatherless, ironically like Oedipus after his inadvertent patricide. It is also a basic assumption in Hardy’s virtual reality that his characters do not have direct access to one another’s minds. This is lilze Jane Austen but different from Hardy’s contemporary Anthony Trollope. TroIlope’s characters often know exactly what the other person is thinking and feeling, as 1 have shown in Chapter 2. This clairvoyance is for the most part denied Hardy’s characters. One example can be seen in the way Eustacia secretly thinks ofher desire to go to Paris, against her husband Clym’s wishes, even while the happy newlyweds are looking deep into one another’s eyes: Her hopes were bound up in this dream. In the quiet days since their marriage, when Yeobright had been po ring over her lips, her eyes, and the lines ofher face, she had mused and mused on the subject, even while in the act of returning his gaze (262). Map of Cudal 2016.

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