Map of Cuautepec de Hinojosa

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Regardless of their function, the anal sacs are totally unnecessary to today’s domestic dog, and surgical removal is acceptable when indicated in chronic rectal and skin infections.

Normally the fluid of the sacs is expelled into the rectum. However, sometimes the ducts become occluded so that the sacs enlarge with the retained fluid. Irritation of the gland en-

Map of Cuautepec de Hinojosa Photo Gallery

I just rose in the morning, worked, worked, slept, rose the next day, worked, worked, slept. If that all sounds like a picture of misery, it wasn’t. The days were full; I became fit and strong and tanned, my companions were mostly vibrant people who wanted to engage with life, and I visited strange and exotic parts of the world. I learnt not just about the sea but I learnt about people, about how to conduct myself, I learned how to cope. I had adventures beyond my imagination and I met people who were so different and contrary to my experience they might have been cast from another species.

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