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Map of crete on For example, Market Makers are selling order flow and continuing to take profits from the spreads in stocks. They are also learning to mask intentions much better than the professional traders so as not to have any CHAPTER 4 The New Market Momentum 67 TEAMFLY unexpected price spike or sell-off that would worsen the price for their clients on entry or exit. One of the better examples of how online traders can affect a stock price is shown in a stock report newsletter. Recently, an investment newsletter mentioned the stock Agilent Technologies (A) as a top focus stock (see Figure 4-6). This report had been hailed in previous weeks as something that could move stocks. Basically, traders would receive information about several stocks in this newsletter and one or two stocks would have very positive comments regarding top focus picks. Once the report is released, active traders rush to read the newsletter and find out which stock or stocks are being touted in the newsletter. Map of crete 2016.

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