Map of Cowandilla

Map of Cowandilla on It is meant to be completely separate from the previous chapters and can be used to fine-tune your long-term trades. Many people think just because I am a short-term momentum trader that I have no interest in long-term trading. Nothing could be further from the truth. HOW AND WHY I BEGAN THIS LONGER-TERM APPROACH Afew months ago I went looking for a manager to handle my retirement account as I was too busy to give it much attention and I was tired of gaining only money market percentage increases. After interviewing a few, and asking how they did compared to the Standard & Poor’s 500, I soon realized that they intended to diversify me under the table with the same type of general plan with minimal gains that they have touted for many years. After mulling over the expenses and their lack of real direction, I decided to simply do a few longer-term momentum trades per year on my own and reasoned that I should come out better than what I was being offered. So began my long-term trading career. Map of Cowandilla 2016.

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