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Hi guys I am Costa Rica, and beautiful beach this beach is really pretty has black sand which I didn’t know was in Costa Rica, and I really hope that this is going to be a good blog weekend Livio is a little sick, and we’ve had some difficulties when we first got into town our cards weren’t working at all. So we couldn’t take out any money, and we had no cash no cash no transportation no food you’re like what do we do we didn’t even have money to catch the bus, and this one guy this local was like oh don’t worry the bus is only like a dollar, and we were like well only we can get our have that.

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But thankfully we’ve resolves the problem in our cards are working now, and yes we’re ready to explore more this huge dog was above our bed this morning that’s how big he is this bug’s life is so gonna jump on your face GERD what now is he in there oh yeah he’s there I can see his legs oh my god he’s right now feel free where he’s staying in there is he still in there oh hi change thing has just happened a bat is in our house oh my god oh my gosh poor guy he’s probably. So scared are you scared gonna set him free he’s there can we set him free out the window is he going no now he okay back to our movie Libya’s still sick.

So we’re just reading me mm-hm there you are no you’re not allowed my bananas studies bed ha ha ha ha I see you dude I can see you like you’re right here it’s our last day here we were planning on doing a lot of stuff today being at the beach maybe surfing. But one Livio has been sick too it isn’t raining all day all day long it is been raining, and it’s still a really gray overcast day even though to be honest I was hoping for a nice sunny day on the beach we are trying to look at it in a positive light, and there’s actually all of this mist on the beach right now, and it looks pretty epic actually we’ve decided that it looks like something out of Game of Thrones yeah very Game of Thrones worthy this scenery Hey guys I just said goodbye to the beach bye Beach.

So today Livio, and I are leaving Costa Rica they’re going to be doing our little us visit by the way if you are in New York, and you want to meet us we will be there meeting up with you guys on December 12th all the details down below unfortunately we did not have the best time here in Costa Rica I know that it is such an amazing country, and I really really want to come back, and explore more of it the people are amazing the beaches the rainforest it’s just all really beautiful unfortunately we just had a series of unfortunate events here in Costa Rica we had to pretty much cut out a day, and a half of our time spent here. Because we were just busy trying to figure out our credit cards, and then live yoga stick, and then pretty much the entire time we were here it rained I think the sky was only blue for like one day I am excited to be going to the u.s. hi thanks for reading.

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