Map of Cordillo Downs

Map of Cordillo Downs on Later in 1929 came the Utilities and the railroad average was renamed Transports in 1970. With the advent of the Internet age, the Dow has seen some changes in its lineup. In the latter part of 1999, Intel Corporation (INTC) and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) ousted Union Carbide (UK) and Chevron (CHV) and were the first two Nasdaq-related issues to be included in the Average. Many new indices are available now such as the Russell 2000, Nasdaq, Wilshire 5000 Total Market, AMEX, and Standard & Poor’s 500. Basically, each analyst follows a different spectrum of the market and each of these indices represents a more specific set of sectors or stocks that are included. For example, the Russell is a measure of small caps, whereas the Wilshire is representative of the entire marketplace. With the explosion of online trading in the past decade, many market participants are now keeping a close eye on the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. Map of Cordillo Downs 2016.

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