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Map of Comino on This ‘T’ is not a singular person but a collective personage speaking of itself as an 1. AlI that 1 have said so far would strongly support the conclusion that 771e Last Chronicle ofBarset is, as one might have expected from the beginning, a magnificent example of the first kind of community Marx and Jean-Luc Nancy describe. Tt is an organic collection of people living together, know- 70 Last Chronicle of Barset as a Model of Victorian Community ing one another weIl, and sharing ideals and assumptions. It is, in Tonnies’s terms, a Gemeinschaft, not a Gesellschaft. Nancy, you will remember from Chapter 1, denounces the Gemeinschaft model as untrue to the actual form human beings living together in communities takes. Barsetshire, it would appear, is a spectacularly pure example, pace Nancy, ofhis first kind ofcommunity. It is a community of members who are aIl essentiaIly alike and who share similar beliefs, values, and judgments. Map of Comino 2016.

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