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The addition of garlic to the diet doesn’t eliminate worms. It may, however, increase the palatability of a bland diet.


When a dog has a digestive upset, he will eat long blades of grass. These irritate the lining of his intestines and cause him to vomit and rid his stomach of excessive bile, as evidenced by yellow vomitus. At such times milk of magnesia is excellent. If the condition continues for more than a day, the dog should be checked by a veterinarian; it can signify worms or an intestinal infection.


Each owner is responsible for how his dog looks roly-poly or trim and sleek. Some people feed their animals as they themselves eat; usually a heavy person will have a heavy dog. If a dog is overweight, fats and carbohydrates should be kept at a minimum and proteins increased. Don’t kill your dog with kindness! Overfeeding, incorrect feeding, and too frequent feeding are the greatest causes of shortened life in pets. The better the nutrition, the longer the dog will be a healthy specimen.

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