Map of Charters Towers

Map of Charters Towers on 1homas that appear in both the weekly sixpenny parts and in the early bound book editions of The Last Chronicle of Barset? Figure 1 shows the frontispiece that opens the first edition. The sixt y-four illustrations and vignettes in the first edition do not appear in any of the modern editions l have seen. No doubt the reasons are partly economic. It is expensive to include a lot of illustrations in a cheap paperback, but l think the reasons are also ideological. It was generally assumed in most of the twentieth-century that the illustrations were not important. Their absence in modern editions of The Last Chronicle of Barset hides the fact that it, like most Victorian novels, was a multi-media collective creation. The omission of the original illustrations, until recently at least, from modern reprints ofVictorian novels fundamentally falsifies their original mode of existence, as a good bit of recent scholarship has begun to show. Map of Charters Towers 2016.

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