Map of Carpentaria Downs

Map of Carpentaria Downs on The third feature distinguishing the novels from the daydreams is crucial. Trollope was the hero of his daydreams. In his novels he sets himself aside and writes about pUl·ely imaginary people, people other than himself Perhaps we might feel today that Trollope projects himselfin aIl sorts ofcomplicated and hard-to-identify ways into the swarm of male and female characters he invents. Trollope himself denies that this is the case: In after years l have done the same [that is, dwelt in a purely imaginary world, adjacent to the real world and supplementary to it,-with this difference, that l have discarded the hero of my early dreams, and have been able to lay my own identity aside. As l have elsewhere observed,8 TroIlope’s self-analysis in An Autobiography of the genesis of his novel writing did not do his reputation any good. It seems as if he is confessing to writing potboilers just to make money to live on. He gives scrupulous accounts of just how much money he made as a writer and of the way his success as a novelist gave him social success, too. Map of Carpentaria Downs 2016.

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