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Map of Cargo on Those attempts were never fully satisfying to him. In the fifth of the Cartesian Meditations, Husserl speaks of one consciousness’s access to another consciousness as happening by way of analogical apperception. This defines my access to the mind of another as doubly displaced, doubly negative. It is not logical, but analogical. 1 assume on no definitive empirical basis that the other person must have a consciousness that is analogous to mine. It is not a perception but an apperception, that is, not really a perception, but a perception that is qualified by the prefix ap-, away from, ofE That prefix can be either an intensive or a privative. It can mean, when added to different stems, a whole series of contradictory things: being away from, lack of, separation of, away from, away, ofr: return, intensive action, keeping ofl defense, change from an existing state, and reversaI, as in apocalypse. Map of Cargo 2016.

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