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Hey everybody, and welcome back to poor sunless it is so interesting walking around a hotel like 6:30 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Because it is like dead I decided to wake up to watch the Sun Rise, and I went for a little walk around, and just. So random just walking around, and like the pool is just quiet there’s no one jumping it it’s like no one at the bar. But it’s now a couple of hours later, and my tummy is started grumblings her work Jess office said we need to go we need to go get some breakfast, and a coffee we just grabbed so much fruit from the buffet that looks amazing they sound a little cool I know you like made me bowls me out of bed Chuck Close on the food you happy now by confuse bed ever all righty back on the road guys don’t charge us for going for coffee number two yeah Can I grab a small or regular iced mocha seriously guys if you haven’t even lo ha a little shout they have really awesome coffee we’re just on the way back to Cannes.

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Because I think we’ve spent probably 5050 a pot luggages, and cans we’re just driving back, and we just came across this incredible park like, I’m just looking at it here it’s like palm tree heaven right here this is what you come to Australia for how beautiful is this such a pity that the big scary cloud from James, and the Giant Peach is heading our way guys if you were here in like the dry season which is the middle of the year I think you could have epic sunsets. But it is now pouring down with rain, and we got to go in for a really stormy day today today look at those clouds evil we’re now back home it is many hours later it was such a rainy day sorry I’ve just had a shower. But, I’m with such a rainy day we ended up the spending the day at home having family time, and as you can see the storm still continues not even the wall Ibiza to be seen they’re all hiding Bowser’s packing in order to show you guys something else I got steamed for Christmas which is so helpful now when we’re packing I’ve like these little packing cubes, and now I can just store things in them, and then put everything. So neatly into the bags I got them off eBay for like $10, I’ll put the link below if you want to check them out. But it makes it. So easy to organize packing now I love it.

But now we’re not sure what to do. Because it’s kind of raining we’re about to have dinner. So we’re thinking or maybe having a LAN party we used to have them back in the day we used to play Age of Empires we would all connect to our computers all into one thing wait how do you explain a LAN party Steve it’s not what we’re doing now, I’m not letting go of Christmas I still have Christmas pants on and, I’m not taking them off for no one guess what was on special for two dollars a pop yeah that’s why we have three kilos of M&Ms to go through now also Steve you have convinced my parents about the whole frozen mince pies, and at the moment they are on sale for 75 cents. Because Christmas is over, and now we have the packets, and packets of mince pies. So Stephens very very happy about that we actually never really watched some really old blogs, and we stumbled across Europe we’re reading our like Berlin posts notice cringe-worthy as I was expecting her to be. But I forgot how beautiful Europe is we need to go back Berlin is amazing you only spend like a day in Berlin we have to go back for like a good week or. So this is the best bit about being home mom does my washing for me the old blow-up mattress Hey guys it is the next day, and we’ve decided to go on the number one Cannes attraction, I’m pretty sure isn’t the number one I think Trip Advisor’s is number one.

So we’re gonna throw up the sky rail to go see the views of Cannes. But first we need to do something very important we go on, and Timmy’s copy in hand, and that’s where we’re going all the way up I love you. So amazing up here just jumped onto the canopy glider it’s all open air we clipped on ya with the harness. But this is pretty much the best way to see the view. Because we’re just going up the mountain we got the forest below us it smells. So good out here, and it’s just. So peaceful five beautiful reviewed like a son right.

So you cannot click this up for me you guys an idea we started there, and then we just act like the first stuff which is red Pete this looks like the tallest peak, and then it looks like we’re gonna go down just arrived at Baron school that is so pretty some way to get to Koran dur it’s certainly like a 25 minute drive out of cans. But I totally recommend jumping on the sky rail the one we did what was it canopy glider yeah it was so cool you’re like you harnessed in there was no windows around you just can hear the rainforest smell the rain first the wind blowing in your face yeah thinking like sibility cicadas yeah no we’re now yeah we narrator, and room we’re gonna go look for some lunch heard there’s some old markets we can go to something good well would you Quran dur oh yes please pre turn out tasting don’t mind if I do should I get it yeah is Marcus laconic Oh hopefully it’s reading some food yeah ladies we just found a butterfly palm, and then a butterfly I think there’s over a thousand it’s in one little room look everywhere buddy oh my freaking goodness just wait just wait wait seriously this guy is just sitting there singing back memories of us volunteering or you’re in Sydney guys guys in the trash. So airy, and the early found here in Australia like a dinosaur that was a little bit out cheating me it was actually quite fun in Quran day I didn’t know what I was expecting we ran in saw like all these different animals, and the butterflies was kind of fun. But the heavens are opening up a little bit it like go splash, and then out. So we’re catching one of the cable cars back this time.

So we can get a bit of a different experience on the way down that was a fun activity this is so chilly though this is such a relaxing way to get back winding road that we usually drive how cool is that how you can see underneath you, and have these incredible views please don’t charge ah.

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