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I think little of it is clear in my memory I think I had the door open an inch before everything went crazy. Later I would piece it together and come up with some of the details a time-flow of the events leading up to the disaster.

I cracked the door. Caesar got his nose into the opening. He slammed through the door, taking the screen door off its hinges, and headed down the three steps to the gravel drive and across the drive, where I believe he had every intention of stopping to go to the bathroom. For a moment I came close to keeping up but then I lost a sandal I thought of it later as blowing a tire and from then on more or less dragged in back of him screaming obscenities and yelling at him to stop. And I think he had every thought to stop, as I said, but my wife’s cat, a big tom named Arnie that had been off for days looking for a mate, chose that moment to return home. Arnie, of course, had no knowledge that we’d acquired a dog, not just a dog but a house of a dog, a dog to strike terror into a full-size lion, let alone a ten-pound house cat.

The effect was immediate. Arnie was a survivor and when he saw Caesar he did what

Montecito (Nuvali) | Buyer’s Guide to Ayala Land | Page 4

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