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Map of Canada Tourist on Days later prior to the formal sentencing, jurors were called back into the courtroom for a closed door session in which it was determined that the prosecution had withheld information that several of its key witnesses had criminal records. In April 2004, state judge Martha Sassone ordered a new trial for C-Murder, but rejected his request to post a $2 million bond to secure his freedom because he was still facing a trial for the Baton Rouge nightclub incident in August 2001. In March 2006, the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the lower court ruling and scrapped the rapper’s second-degree murder conviction clearing the way for a new trial. While awaiting trial, C-Murder was placed on $500,000 bond, outfitted with an ankle monitor, and placed under house arrest in his residence in Kenner. Under the conditions of his bond, the rapper was barred from drinking alcohol and agreed to both a house curfew of 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A. Map of Canada Tourist 2016.

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