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Fremont Alameda 77.46 sq mi (200.6 km²) South Gate Los Angeles 7.24 sq mi (18.8 km²) Irvine Orange 66.11 sq mi (171.2 km²) Vista San Diego 18.68 sq mi (48.4 km²) San Bernardino San Bernardino 59.20 sq mi (153.3 km²) Mission Viejo Orange 17.74 sq mi (45.9 km²) Modesto Stanislaus 36.87 sq mi (95.5 km²) Vacaville Solano 28.37 sq mi (73.5 km²) Oxnard Ventura 26.89 sq mi (69.6 km²) Carson Los Angeles 18.72 sq mi (48.5 km²) Fontana San Bernardino 42.43 sq mi (109.9 km²) Hesperia San Bernardino 73.10 sq mi (189.3 km²) Moreno Valley Riverside 51.27 sq mi (132.8 km²) Redding Shasta 59.65 sq mi (154.5 km²) Glendale Los Angeles 30.45 sq mi (78.9 km²) Santa Monica Los Angeles 8.41 sq mi (21.8 km²) Huntington Beach Orange 26.75 sq mi (69.3 km²) Westminster Orange 10.05 sq mi (26.0 km²) Santa Clarita Los Angeles 52.72 sq mi (136.5 km²) Santa Barbara Santa Barbara 19.47 sq mi (50.4 km²) Garden Grove Orange 17.94 sq mi (46.5 km²) Chico Butte 32.92 sq mi (85.3 km²) Santa Rosa Sonoma 41.29 sq mi (106.9 km²) Whittier Los Angeles 14.65 sq mi (37.9 km²) Oceanside San Diego 41.23 sq mi (106.8 km²) Newport Beach Orange 23.80 sq mi (61.6 km²) Rancho Cucamonga San Bernardino 39.85 sq mi (103.2 km²) San Leandro Alameda 13.34 sq mi (34.6 km²) Ontario San Bernardino 49.94 sq mi (129.3 km²) Hawthorne Los Angeles 6.08 sq mi (15.7 km²) Lancaster Los Angeles 94.28 sq mi (244.2 km²) San Marcos San Diego 24.37 sq mi (63.1 km²) Elk Grove Sacramento 42.19 sq mi (109.3 km²) Citrus Heights Sacramento 14.23 sq mi (36.9 km²) Palmdale Los Angeles 105.96 sq mi (274.4 km²) Alhambra Los Angeles 7.63 sq mi (19.8 km²) Corona Riverside 38.83 sq mi (100.6 km²) Tracy San Joaquin 22.00 sq mi (57.0 km²) Salinas Monterey 23.18 sq mi (60.0 km²) Livermore Alameda 25.17 sq mi (65.2 km²) Pomona Los Angeles 22.95 sq mi (59.4 km²) Buena Park Orange 10.52 sq mi (27.2 km²) Torrance Los Angeles 20.48 sq mi (53.0 km²) Lakewood Los Angeles 9.41 sq mi (24.4 km²) Hayward Alameda 45.32 sq mi (117.4 km²) Merced Merced 23.32 sq mi (60.4 km²) Escondido San Diego 36.81 sq mi (95.3 km²) Hemet Riverside 27.85 sq mi (72.1 km²) Sunnyvale Santa Clara 21.99 sq mi (57.0 km²) Chino San Bernardino 29.64 sq mi (76.8 km²) Pasadena Los Angeles 22.97 sq mi (59.5 km²) Menifee Riverside 46.47 sq mi (120.4 km²) Fullerton Orange 22.35 sq mi (57.9 km²) Lake Forest Orange 17.82 sq mi (46.2 km²) Orange Orange 24.80 sq mi (64.2 km²) Napa Napa 17.84 sq mi (46.2 km²) Thousand Oaks Ventura 55.03 sq mi (142.5 km²) Redwood City San Mateo 19.42 sq mi (50.3 km²) Visalia Tulare 36.25 sq mi (93.9 km²) Bellflower Los Angeles 6.12 sq mi (15.9 km²) Simi Valley Ventura 41.48 sq mi (107.4 km²) Indio Riverside 29.18 sq mi (75.6 km²) Concord Contra Costa 30.55 sq mi (79.1 km²) Tustin Orange 11.08 sq mi (28.7 km²) Roseville Placer 5.16 sq mi (13.4 km²) Baldwin Park Los Angeles 6.63 sq mi (17.2 km²) Santa Clara Santa Clara 18.41 sq mi (47.7 km²) Chino Hills San Bernardino 44.68 sq mi (115.7 km²) Vallejo Solano 30.67 sq mi (79.4 km²) Mountain View Santa Clara 12.00 sq mi (31.1 km²) Victorville San Bernardino 73.18 sq mi (189.5 km²) Alameda Alameda 10.61 sq mi (27.5 km²) El Monte Los Angeles 9.56 sq mi (24.8 km²) Upland San Bernardino 15.62 sq mi (40.5 km²) Berkeley Alameda 10.47 sq mi (27.1 km²) Folsom Sacramento 21.95 sq mi (56.9 km²) Downey Los Angeles 12.41 sq mi (32.1 km²) San Ramon Contra Costa 18.06 sq mi (46.8 km²) Costa Mesa Orange 15.65 sq mi (40.5 km²) Pleasanton Alameda 24.11 sq mi (62.4 km²) Inglewood Los Angeles 9.07 sq mi (23.5 km²) Lynwood Los Angeles 4.84 sq mi (12.5 km²) Ventura Ventura 21.65 sq mi (56.1 km²) Union City Alameda 19.47 sq mi (50.4 km²) West Covina Los Angeles 16.04 sq mi (41.5 km²) Apple Valley San Bernardino 73.19 sq mi (189.6 km²) Norwalk Los Angeles 9.71 sq mi (25.1 km²) Redlands San Bernardino 36.13 sq mi (93.6 km²) Carlsbad San Diego 37.72 sq mi (97.7 km²)    

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Map of California Cities on I shall stick with some classic early books on the topie. For Jean-Fran§ois Lyotard, the postmodern condition is characterized, among other things, by the absence or disqualification of any more or less universally accepted grand narrative.3 David Harvey stresses the political and economic changes from 1972 on, with concomitant changes in our experience of space and time.4 For Fredric Jameson, the postmodern condition is determined by economic factors and by concomitant cultural factors associated with late capitalism, or what he calls the world space of multinational capital.5 The postmodern condition, as the first sentence of his Postmodernism stresses, is also fundamentally a forgetting of history, while the concept of the postmodern is an attempt to think the present historically in an age that has forgotten how to think historically in the first place.6 To think historically is to investigate empirically present ideologies, what people believe out there in the real social and politieal world, not to think philosophieally, according to Kant’s distinction between metaphysics and transcendent al philosophy.7 To think historically would include, apparently, thinking about how architecture expresses the ideologies of a given historical moment because architecture is, for J ameson, so important an example of the post modern. Map of California Cities 2016.

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