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The modern female cat does not seem to heed the advice of books which state she should have periods starting at about eight months of age and recurring about every three months thereafter. travel with cats vary tremendously nowadays. Some have their

first period as early as at four months. Some travel with cats have a period every week or so. The period may last one day and recur a few days later. It may last a week or more.

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In the 1970s, the place was being taken apart to build the marina and the smart flats and hotels and restaurants that stand there today. I watched in dismay as the old character and heart was ripped out to be replaced by pretty things. I always loved the feel of decaying dockland, it had a wistful pull for me. I felt my stomach jump as I watched the cranes and bulldozers smash and shatter what was there. All the history, all the tens of thousands of ships that had called there, all the tales that could be told by the millions of sailors who had passed through, everything broken into dust.

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