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Map of Burrup on Heidegger distributes the positives and negatives in a way exactly opposite to Williams’s valuations. What Williams praises Heidegger detests. What Williams deplores Heidegger celebrates. Heidegger insists that terms das Man, or idle talk, are descriptive, neutral, not evaluative: The expression ‘idle talk’ [Gerede is not to be used here in a ‘disparaging’ [herabziehenden signification.6 Being lost in the they, or fa lIen into it, or thrown into it (Verloren, Verfallen, Gewo~fen), Heidegger insists, is a normal, primordial condition of humankind. Nevertheless, his actual description of Dasein’s lostness in the they hardly looks neutral. The terms lost, faIlen, and thrown, with their theological overtones, are anything but purely descriptive. Map of Burrup 2016.

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