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rticipation, and experienced its most prosperous period during the second and third centuries. During the Byzantine era, the city became the seat of a diocese with a large Christian church dedicated to Saint Philip. Long after the city was named for Pergamene Queen Hiera, the word Hierapolis took on another meaning, Templeville. This is because of the extraordinary number of temples erected on the site. The exact number of these religious edifaces has not been determined since very little of the early history of the area has come down in written form. Modern excavations have revealed only one, the Temple of Apollo. Not much is known about the earliest settlers of Hierapolis other than that the area was controlled by the Seleucid Kings in the third century B.C. The Pergamum king gained control after the battle of Magnesia in the second century B.C. In 129 B.C., Hierapolis was united with the Province of Asia, and, later, the important title of Neocorus was bestowed upon the city by Emperor Caracalla. One of th

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