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Map of Bulgaria Tourist on On the good side, ifwe set up a few of these charts rather than just one, this is likely to offer enough action to at least keep us sharp and in good spirits. This then leaves us to decide on a frame of choice. Obviously, the options are plentifuL Next to popular time frames, like the 1 or 2-minute, there are tick, range and volume charts in any customizable setting, and some platforms even offer traders the possibility to code their own frames by parameters of choice. In order not to deviate too much from the visual characteristics of the 5-minute chart, allow me to suggest a frame that looks pleasantly 393 Understanding Price Action familiar but is much faster on the whole: the 200-tick. (A single tick is a transaction between buyers and sellers, regardless of the volume traded.) Depending on the current pace of the market a 200-tick setting could resemble a 2 or 3-minute frame on a Forex chart, but this is never a matter of absolutes. A specific advantage of the tick frame setting is that when there is little trading done, the chart does not have to print an obligatory bar as in the case of a time frame setting; instead it will accumulate whatever is traded and then only print a bar when the preset tick number is matched. Map of Bulgaria Tourist 2016.

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