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Map of Bulahdelah on The gainer group is divided into subgroups of the first- and second-day. Obviously, first-day gainers are gainers that receive positive momentum on the first day. On the second day after the initial momentum move, they become second-day gainers. In first-day gainers, we primarily look for the first up-ticks and the pullback bottoms to trade. 104 Trading on Momentum CHAPTER 6 Predictable Patterns 105 Experienced traders who can execute efficiently and safely are capable of shorting this group on clear overreactions to the upside. However, new traders need to focus on the trend of the upside momentum when learning to trade this method. After the initial momentum move on the first day, we move these stocks plus some other gainers that we found throughout the trading day on the second-day gainer quote screen. Map of Bulahdelah 2016.

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