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Map of Brussels Tourist on Though not held, the prime suspect’s movements were closely monitored by authorities. Crimmins was picked up for question – ing outside his apartment building on August 29, 1980, after his stagehand friend admitted lying to police in support of his alibi. In a videotaped confession given later that day, 113 Hagnes Crimmins admitted murdering Hagnes ostensibly to cover up an unsuccessful rape attempt. On the day of the murder, Crimmins drank two dozen beers, popped diet pills, and smoked marijuana. He encountered the violinist on a backstage elevator during the intermission and crudely propositioned her. Hagnes responded by slapping him across the face and saying something snotty and loud. He threatened Hagnes with a hammer and forced her to undress in the lower levels of the building. Map of Brussels Tourist 2016.

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