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SWEDEN HAS THOUSANDS of hotels and guesthouses to suit all tastes and budgets, from small family-run establishments to large luxury hotels. In addition, there are almost 500 youth hostels which offer great value accommodation for all ages and will normally provide breakfast for a small charge. There is also a range of bed-and-breakfast accommodation, some- times advertised by a discreet sign outside saying RUM (room). In the mountains large ski resorts offer both hotels and small cottages to rent. Cottages are also plentiful elsewhere in Sweden, often on sites which also offer camping. Pages. 280-9 have details of 125 places to stay throughout the country, covering a wide selection from cosy youth hostels to grand hotels. The elegant Hotel Diplomat on Stockholm’s Strandvagen Choosing a Hotel When you stay at a beau-tifully-located classic hotel, you pay for the privilege. But there are plenty of cheaper options which provide good accommodation and many hotels have a star rating as a guide. There are 500 youth hostels (Vandrar-hem ) for the budget traveller and these are normally of a high standard. A self-catering cottage may provide ideal family accommodation at a reasonable price. The larger hotels cater mainly for business travellers and conference-goers, and are often fully-booked during the week. Most hotels offer attractive weekend packages. It is highly recommended that you book a room in advance, particularly during the week in cities. Hotels in Stockholm tend to be busy from May to November and, when events or trade fairs are on, it can be hard to find a hotel room in the capital. To find out when the busiest times are likely to be, check the Stockholm Visitor Board’s events calendar on the Internet (321). How to Book If you do not book a hotel through a travel agent, you can easily make your own reservation on the Internet. One excellent site is Visit Sweden (seep321), operated by Sveriges Rese-och Turistrad. The site allows you to search for all kinds of accommodation, such as hotels, youth hostels and B&Bs, and provides contact information so you can make a booking. If you find yourself in Stockholm looking for a room, pay a visit to Hotellcentralen at the city’s Central Station for a friendly booking service which charges a small fee.

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