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Map of Brasilia Tourist on By themselves they may not possess the power to fully flip a trending session around, but it will certainly pay to at least respect the implications attached to their presence. As it turned out, the supportive powers of the box progression were not even tested on first go; but if we extend the level to the right (dotted line) , it is plain to see that the market had not forgotten about its technical significance (sharp bounce in the low of bar 1 0) . the price action may send out a totally different feel, if only for the difference in volatility. But when viewed price technically, the similarities are actually quite striking. Both charts feature a bear rally from a flag breakout in a round number area and then later on a bullish turnaround on the break of a W-middle-part box. But where the bear-flag in the previous chart met all the requirements of a valid short setup, the frantic motion within the flag above basically rendered the situation untradable ( 1 -4). 190 Chapter 7 Skipping Trades and Trading Breaks (or Failure Whenever the majority of bars visibly exceed their average span, standard protection may no longer suffice. Map of Brasilia Tourist 2016.

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