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The Coat.

It is commonly believed that the more often one cuts a dog's hair, the richer will be the texture and color with each new growth. This is not true. You can cut your own hair every day for the next ten years and neither the texture nor the color will be affected.

The hair of the dog is hollow, and therefore the general health of the animal has much to do with his skin and coat. As the hair contains air and blood and as the hair root gets its nutrition and sustenance directly from the blood stream, disorders of the skin and coat have to be treated internally even more than externally.

Alopecia (loss of hair).

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This is usually caused by an internal condition a dietary or hormonal imbalance. In many cases involving Pomeranians and dachshunds I've found a hypothyroid condition (underactive thyroid gland). By the addition of thyroid extract or thyroid-stimulating drugs we usually can cure the baldness. It is also seen in some spayed females.

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